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“Rio 2: Samba Strikes Back” (picks up in 1960s and 1970s to present)

“Luiz Gonzaga: The King of Baião”
(portait of the beloved artist who spread forro from the northeast throughout Brazil)

“The Soul of São Paulo: Rock, Rap, and Future Music from the Endless City”

"Samba, Forro, Candomblé, Tropicalia--The Sounds of Brazilian Artists in the U.S."

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We suggest trying a mix that works for you: listening to translated song lyrics, taking online or CD courses by Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone, a group course or personal tutor and if you don't have money for private lessons, a language exchange with a native Brazilian speaker, making Brazilian friends and hanging with them a lot, and of course, best of all, do language immersion experiences in Brazil. Have fun!

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Learn How to Play and Dance to Samba!
A Sampling of Samba Schools in U.S.

Samba New York! (NYC)

Grupo Samba Rio (Oakland, CA)

Austin Samba School (Austin, TX)

Evanston Escola de Samba (Evanston, IL)

Boulder Samba School (Boulder, CO)

Unidos de Miami (Miami, FL)

Casa Samba (New Orleans, LA)